Touch is a powerful way of communicating. Massage uses the power of touch to encourage change. It can help to relieve stiffness and discomfort in the muscles. It increases blood flow to the muscles, bringing warmth and a sense of wellbeing, which in turn can reduce emotional tension. It is a means of encouraging the body to heal itself naturally.

Massage has been used in most cultures for relaxation and healing. It can soothe or invigorate, according to the needs of the person receiving the treatment. The benefits can be felt immediately and can be maintained by regular massage.

A massage can be given to the whole body, or can focus on areas that would like attention. That decision is up to you.


A massage takes place on a couch specially designed for the purpose. You will first be asked some brief questions about your health, to make sure that there is no reason why massage should not be safe for you. Parts of your body not being treated will remain covered, to keep you warm and to maintain modesty.

At the end of the session you will be able to relax for a short while before getting dressed.