Wellbeing at Work #01
No matter how much you enjoy your job there are times when stress catches up.

You may feel tension in your neck and shoulders, for example, or have a tendency to develop headaches. Your hands and arms may be uncomfortable after typing or some other repetitive activity. You may feel overwhelmed by your workload and be unable to wind down easily.


Various therapeutic techniques can be successful in making your working day more comfortable. Stress has a cumulative effect, so if those muscular aches and strains are allowed to build up, chronic problems can develop. Those hard, knotted areas in the muscles of your neck and shoulders are often the result of long-term tension and postural problems.

Massage is an amazingly adaptable means of relieving muscular discomfort and mental stress, especially if given regularly. Because it can be given while you are sitting and without you having to remove any clothing, it is a great therapy to use in the workplace. A lot of benefit can be gained from a short treatment, so interruption of your work can be kept to a minimum, or it can fit conveniently into a break.

Indian head massage treats the shoulders and neck as well as the head and can be easily tailored to meet your individual needs.


During a hectic day, do you ever wish you could switch off and focus purely on yourself for a short time? Meditation is a practice that enables you to do just that. There are simple techniques that focus on breathing and relaxation, you can feel calmer, clear-headed and learn a valuable technique that you can use in other situations. A quiet room is all that is needed.